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Cellulite removal

Illustrative of cellulite removal manipulative surprise

Case of surprise of illustration »Katsuragi City, Nara Prefecture resident K-like (37 years old)


"Do not you lean 10kg position ! ? " People clearly to be seen slimming effect around , yet maintains the treatment after the end of nine months slimming effect !


In to introduce here , it is the case in particular, slimming effect of surprise has been confirmed also in the example of those who who received your " cellulite removal manipulative " of Kokorotsuki manipulative Institute . To K -like case that the total director - Izuo is the founder of cellulite removal manipulative also introduce here has surprised honest . Please help us by all means to your reference of everyone that in cellulite removal manipulative of Kokorotsuki manipulative Institute are who you are interested .


Slimming in cellulite removal manipulative 

Start the treatment of cellulite removal manipulative


Katsuragi City, Nara Prefecture resident of K -like ( 37 years old) is , Are You come two people of the children . I Please accept your cellulite removal manipulative of Kokorotsuki manipulative Institute in the long term plan of about 6 months in that we want to eliminate the low back pain and stiff shoulders due to the fact that has been a Resolution and standing work of feel to the whole body , " sagging " .


Practitioner pace that is recommended for customers who gave us the reservation of the normal cellulite removal bodywork is , with respect to treatment of up to the first - third will receive three times at a pace of one degree at a time or two weeks in the week , then depending on the state of your body , we have recommended that the us accept the one-time treatment to once or month to two weeks . However , cellulite - fat types and muscle quality , because the situation of the distortion of the skeleton , the pelvis will differ per person per person , as based on the normal treatment pace of the above , can provide the best treatment to one person per person It is not your suggestions of subtle number of times adjusted so that there are times when I am . 


Also , wedding and graduation ceremony , entrance ceremony , interview , regard also treatment with a deadline to do in preparation for important events such as initiation ceremony , we propose individual treatment contents and the treatment pace which aims achieve their goals within the time limit . State of K -like cellulite at a level two to three , muscle stiffness of the shoulders and the waist is a medium strength . Not in a format that make the treatment of the whole body of cellulite removal at a time , by dividing the number of times advance the practitioner decide practitioner content for each treatment of one , has been hope how to proceed that make the cellulite removal of the whole body in total. Pace of treatment is once a week , beginning in cellulite removal manipulative : Start from the foot course . 


The progress of the treatment

The progress of the treatment site, cellulite: Foot course → cellulite: Hip course → cellulite: abdominal waist course → cellulite: upper arm course → cellulite: in the order of back course, done three or four times per site, the middle day of the body while increasing the site at the two-site according to your schedule of state and your visit date of the day, it gave a total of once a week for six months.



Please realize the slimming effect

After K-like yourself who received the cellulite removal manipulative, but was not the fact that at home, measured around the underbody and stomach in a major to see the effect, previously entered each time to superimpose the cellulite removal manipulative or so it never has been jeans enters, was giving me you feel the slimming effect of cellulite removal bodywork in the form of come to be wearing clothes that did not enter. For even stiff neck, lower back pain, upper arm, at the time of the back of the practitioner "shoulder stiffness was clean", as referred to as "low back pain has become easier" when the cellulite removal manipulative of the abdomen, lower back, is included in the treatment contents of cellulite removal manipulative and of the deep are due to eliminate and eliminate the distortion of the skeleton, the pelvis of E. coli was Itadai realize the combined effect.


People around was surprised

Around the practitioner of the whole body is finally approaching to 6 months to complete, he told us K-like has been the question as "different and I was skinny 10kg position to a friend? How thin do? Where lean do?". Some of your voice to get well from Customers who who received your cellulite removal manipulative of our hospital, there is your voice that "different and I was skinny recently to people around? I better do is told!". As a feature of the cellulite removal manipulative of our hospital, a decrease in body weight is the relatively low value of about 1kg ~ 5kg, by fully loosen massage the muscles of the effect and the deep part of the style correction due to the fact that contains the manipulative technology the expansion and contraction of the muscle, and the like is a point that the resulting effect that becomes body is contracted to normal, due to the effect to become a body that was firm and style correction effect, greater visibility of when the people around their bodies were seen with previous There is a big feature that the changes appear as to be beautiful.


In other words, it is "than the body weight, the practitioner to change the body type". Therefore, after who accepted the treatment of cellulite removal manipulative, but home feels that there is only a reduction of about 1 ~ 5kg also riding on the scales, the "not you lean?" From the people around will occur phenomena such as that is said to be. Phenomenon in which the K-like is heard as "10kg position lean do and different? How do you lean do? Where lean do?" To the people of your friends like and acquaintances is not a one or two people, mother of kindergarten children have been haunted square was the echo of the more become rumor between. 


The express the transfiguration of K-like style in one word is the very difficult but, overall your body was feeling the sagging, seen tend indeed to those who are dieting without exercise in the diet restriction only lean but not the impression that there is somehow unhealthy feeling, like a toned body that in that train the body in the fitness and sports, is an image that is very healthy, "tight!". In fact, of the K-like 6 months who received your cellulite removal manipulative diet, which had been our continuing the meal as usual does not particularly please the limit. Also from the periphery of the people referred to as "lean", "firm", now also wearing jeans and clothes that had not entered, the treatment of six months obtained the results of me joy great value of K-like Ended. 



Further surprise

For that also you satisfied as Kokorotsuki manipulative Institute, which had been very pleased. However, we were waiting for further development of the surprise from here. K-like treatment good results are obtained, once the pace of a week and for the time being settled down in six months, there is also a change in the status of your work and child-rearing with respect to six months later, once every couple of months practitioner pace It has migrated to. Cellulite removal manipulative of six months settled down, the time when about 10 months has passed, "cellulite effect, we have had nine months!" And your report. "Do not you lean about 10kg!?" From the people around is said that, jeans and clothes that did not enter now is wearing, is a report that the slimming effect of cellulite removal manipulative lasted nine months. Although the treatment of meals without limitation cellulite removal manipulative only we are very pleased as Kokorotsuki manipulative Institute that also provides treatment to slimming effect itself came to be seen from the people in the 10kg position lean impression, the I was surprised honest in your report the effect is referred to as the "nine months duration."



Demonstration of the theory of cellulite removal manipulative

Theory of cellulite removal bodywork is, by the correction of the treatment content skeleton, pelvis that is included in the cellulite removal manipulative, is corrected by the correction of the style that had collapsed by the strain is asked repeatedly the number of times is carried out, the skeleton, pelvis state There are maintained. In cellulite removal manipulative, muscle deep in to eliminate the stiffness fatigue substance and waste becomes better blood circulation of the whole is discharged from the body member is from the deep body in the blood is warm, the muscles of the expansion and contraction becomes normal, further developed to lean muscle by receive continued treatment, and promotes fat hard body making firmly to consume energy.

Decomposition of cellulite by the procedures of cellulite removal bodywork are finely decompose the hard enlarged cellulite layer, urged the elimination from the body of wastes and excess water, to promote the activation of fat metabolism, it occurs in cold easy part help prevent re-occurrence and severity of cold spread continue to cellulite, is relaxed cools by if you continue the treatment, it is not that cellulite is noticeable, it will be maintained of beautiful skin condition. In the resolution of cholestasis of lymph by cellulite removal manipulative, encourage the normalization of flows in the stagnant lymph, prompting the activation of emissions and immunity from the body of waste products. Cellulite removal bodywork is, because it is a technology that has been constructed on the basis of the above theory, and the exertion of sufficient slimming effect as K-like case by where I am accepted to continue the treatment, long-term sustainability of the slimming effect There is what can be achieved. And, K-like case is truly demonstrated that confirmed the reliability of the theory and technology of cellulite removal manipulative as sure. 


We recommend with confidence

To anyone who wants to get a healthy beautiful body line, we recommend with confidence based on demonstrated cellulite removal manipulative of Kokorotsuki manipulative Institute.

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